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Book Of The Month: Expository Listening

There are many books that teach preachers how to prepare and preach expository sermons. However, this is the only book I am aware of that helps you become a good sermon listener. At CBC, we value the preaching of the Word, and this book will help you think through and prepare to listen to sermons […]

Book Of The Month: Enjoy Your Prayer Life

In writing Enjoy your prayer life, Theologian Michael Reeves has given the church an immensely helpful booklet on prayer. This booklet is not a “how-to” manual for prayer, or “tips and tricks” for a more fulfilling prayer life. This booklet is a theologically rich explanation of what prayer is, and what is happening when we […]

Book Of The Month: Dominion and Dynasty

Biblical Theology is the attempt to understand and “tell” the whole story of the Bible. Dominion and Dynasty is a theology of the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament. This book is for those who want to further their understanding of the Old Testament and how it is an inter-connected story told over thousands of years, […]

Book Of The Month: Dispatches From The Front

Our book of the month for February is Dispatches from the Front by Tim Keesee. If you have seen any of the documentaries by the same name, you will enjoy this book.“In this captivating travelogue, a veteran missions mobilizer leads readers to experience global Christianity, exploring the faith and lives of Christians living in some of the […]

Book Of The Month: The Discipline of Grace

Jerry Bridges wrote a number of good books throughout his ministry that help us navigate the Christian life. In this book, Bridges helps us remember both discipline and grace as we pursue holiness in our daily walk with Christ. This book would be a great supplement to our time in Colossians 3.

Book Of The Month: Desiring God

In Desiring God, Piper argues that man’s greatest purpose is to find pleasure and delight in God. “Piper reveals that there really is no need to choose between duty and delight in the Christian life. In fact, for the follower of Jesus, delight is the duty, because Christ is most magnified in His people when they are […]

Book of the Month: Depression: Looking Up From The Stubborn...

Dr. Welch holds a Ph.D in counseling (neuropsychology) from the University of Utah, but has devoted his career to helping people through biblical counseling. In an age when many Christians are immediately turning to secular sources for help with things like depression,  Dr. Welch demonstrates how God – through the Bible – counsels people struggling […]

Book of the month: Delighting In The Trinity

The Trinity is one of the more challenging doctrines of scripture. You won’t find the word “Trinity” anywhere in our Bibles, and what the Trinity is, and how it works, is something that has been deeply debated for centuries in the church. For many, the Trinity is so mind boggling, they dare not even begin […]

Book Of The Month: Biblical Theology

One of the keys to reading your Bible and understanding it well is having a solid grasp on Biblical Theology. Biblical theology is the attempt to understand the whole story of the Bible and see its interconnectedness. When we do Biblical theology properly, we will not see books of the Bible, or accounts of individuals […]

Book Of The Month: A Praying Life

Paul Miller’s, A Praying Life, is a warm and helpful book that approaches prayer organically instead of mechanically. That’s because Miller understands prayer from the aspect of relationship more than duty – privilege more than responsibility. As the back of the book cover reads, “Prayer is simply you – a child of a good Father […]