Our book of the month for October is Erwin Lutzer’s book, Rescuing the Gospel. This book is a very accessible, easy to read introduction to the key figures in the Reformation and the doctrines that defined the Reformers.
The majority of the book discusses the life and ministry of Martin Luther, and then spends a chapter each on other key figures such as Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, the Anabaptists and the Reformation in England in Scotland. Lutzer does not gloss over some of the gross failures of men like Luther, Zwingli and Calvin, yet, despite their failures, the Lord undoubtedly used them and the work of the Reformation. 
The work of the Reformation continues, even to this day. The church is be continually reforming, always going back to the centrality of the gospel. Books like this help keep this truth at the forefront of our lives and ministries.

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