Our Emphasis

A churches culture is not simply what a church says about itself, but what it actually puts into practice. At Calvary, our culture can be summarized by these seven emphasis.


  • The Word of God:
    We believe that the Bible is the authoritative, innerant, powerful and life-giving Word of God. The Bible is how God speaks to us as His people. So, we emphasize the significance and importance of God’s Word for both our public worship and our private lives.
  • Biblical Intentionality:
    We strive to be thoughtful and biblically intentional in all that we do. We seek to emphasize the biblical “why” behind all we do, and to have biblical intentionality in our services, programs and ministries.
  • Sound Theology:
    Theology is simply, “the study of God”. What we believe and think about God matters. Therefore, we emphasize theology as one of the keys to having a healthy Christian life.
  • Spiritual Transformation:
    The results of the Gospel are all about spiritual transformation and change. God has made us new people and is transforming us into the image of His Son. From the new birth, all the way through to glorification at the resurrection, the Christian life is a life of transformation. We emphasize the need for God’s transforming grace in the whole of our Christian experience.
  • Weekly Worship:
    The weekly worship service should be the highlight of a Christian’s week. The Sunday worship service is the time when we can come together as a church body to worship God, reorient our hearts around the truth of the gospel, and fellowship with our church family. Thus, we emphasize our Sunday morning worship service and encourage our members to make attending it the priority of their week.
  • Church Membership:
    At CBC, we believe becoming a member of a particular local church is an important step in our Christian life. As members, we commit to loving and caring for one another. The local church exists in part for the good of its members, because God has designed us to need one another.
  • Global Mission:
    No church exists only for its members. We have been commissioned by Jesus to bring the gospel to the nations, beginning in our town, and extending around the world. We make an effort to emphasize global mission through supporting both in prayer and with our finances, missionaries and gospel endeavors both in the US and around the world.