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Book of the Month: Good & Angry

Anger is a universal human problem that is a response to real and perceived injustice. Everyone of us deals with anger in its many and varied forms. It is, “a human capacity — like sex, happiness and sorrow. It is a complex human response to a complex world.” However, what we know of anger is […]

Book of the Month: The Bruised Reed

The Puritan pastor and author, Richard Sibbes is often referred to as, “the heavenly doctor.” After reading The Bruised Reed, you will ascertain why this is a fitting title. In this little book, Sibbes focuses on Matthew 12:20 and how Jesus is the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy, “a bruised reed he will not break, and […]

Book Of The Month: Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy

One of the largest categories of Psalms is the lament psalms. Yet many of us don’t really know what to do with these psalms. We feel uncomfortable with their raw language. But lament is a language Christians need to understand and utilize. It is given to us by the Lord to grow our trust and […]

Book Of The Month: Women Of The Word

As Christians we come to know God through His Word. Therefore, intentional study of the Bible is what we need to commit ourselves too. Women of the Word is a book written to help women in all stages of life, and at all levels of spiritual maturity, become better students of their Bibles. The book […]

Book Of The Month: When Sinners Say I Do

Our book of the month for March is, When Sinners Say I Do, by Dave Harvey. This is the first marriage book we have recommended, but one that we have used many times here at CBC in premarital counseling. Whether you’re about to get married, or have been married for many years, this book will […]

Book Of The Month: When People Are Big And God Is Small

Proverbs 29:25 says, “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe.” The fear of man is a Biblical category which every Christian deals with. Therefore we should all seek to understand what it is and identify it in our lives. The fear of Man manifests itself in many […]

Book Of The Month: When I Don’t Desire God

In Desiring God, John Piper argued from Scripture that we glorify God most when we are most satisfied in Him. Therefore, the pursuit of joy in God should be our chief aim. However, what we find is that pursuit of joy in God is a constant battle. In When I Don’t Desire God, How to […]

Book Of The Month: What Is The Gospel

The gospel is one of the key themes in the Bible, yet many Christians wouldn’t be able to tell you what all it entails. This little book from Greg Gilbert is an extremely helpful, accessible resource for all Christians as it will help you understand more clearly what the gospel is. Use this book for […]

Book Of The Month: What Does The Bible Really Teach About H...

Our culture has rapidly changed its stance on homosexuality, not only accepting it, but celebrating it. This change has not stopped at the doors of the church however. More and more Christians are rejecting the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality by mis-interpreting what the Bible teaches and then giving more weight to the appeals the broader culture is […]

Book Of The Month: Ten Questions To Diagnose Your Spiritual...

According to Donald Whitney,  the author of Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health,  his intention with this book was to“act as a physician of the soul – to ask questions and suggest tests that can, by the help of the Holy Spirit, enable you to self-diagnose your spiritual health.” God saves us with the intention of […]