The Trinity is one of the more challenging doctrines of scripture. You won’t find the word “Trinity” anywhere in our Bibles, and what the Trinity is, and how it works, is something that has been deeply debated for centuries in the church. For many, the Trinity is so mind boggling, they dare not even begin to ponder it. This is where Michael Reeve’s book is so helpful. 

With great clarity, Michael Reeves helps us understand that the Trinity is central to the Christian faith, and central to our devotional life and love for the Lord. Delighting in the Trinity is not a dry theological work. This book is wonderfully concise, and devotional. This book will grow your understanding of our Triune God and will move you to worship by helping you think bigger and deeper thoughts about God. This book will also teach you some church history, as Dr. Reeves weaves in how the doctrine of the Trinity has grown and developed through church history. We highly recommend this book as it will grow your theological knowledge, your knowledge of church history, and most importantly, your love for the Lord.

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