Anger is a universal human problem that is a response to real and perceived injustice. Everyone of us deals with anger in its many and varied forms. It is, “a human capacity — like sex, happiness and sorrow. It is a complex human response to a complex world.” However, what we know of anger is usually anger gone awry. This is where David Powlison’s book is helpful for us.

In the first and second section, he helps us come to see anger for what it is and how we experience anger in our lives. Once we can identify anger, we can work to change our sinful anger. This is what is addressed in the third section. In the final section, Powlison gets to, “the hard cases.” He deals with anger over hurts that we have experienced, anger at ourselves and anger at God.

Reading Good & Angry is like having a skilled Biblical counselor help apply the scriptures to our lives. When the scriptures are skillfully applied to our lives, they peel back the layers and complexities of the human condition. A person who reads the book and does the application questions at the end of each chapter will, by the Spirit, grow in dealing with their anger in a God glorifying way.

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