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Book Of The Month: What Is The Gospel

The gospel is one of the key themes in the Bible, yet many Christians wouldn’t be able to tell you what all it entails. This little book from Greg Gilbert is an extremely helpful, accessible resource for all Christians as it will help you understand more clearly what the gospel is. Use this book for […]

Book Of The Month: What Does The Bible Really Teach About H...

Our culture has rapidly changed its stance on homosexuality, not only accepting it, but celebrating it. This change has not stopped at the doors of the church however. More and more Christians are rejecting the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality by mis-interpreting what the Bible teaches and then giving more weight to the appeals the broader culture is […]

Book Of The Month: Ten Questions To Diagnose Your Spiritual...

According to Donald Whitney,  the author of Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health,  his intention with this book was to“act as a physician of the soul – to ask questions and suggest tests that can, by the help of the Holy Spirit, enable you to self-diagnose your spiritual health.” God saves us with the intention of […]

Book Of The Month: Taking God At His Word

In Taking God At His Word, Kevin DeYoung has written a very helpful, accessible book on the doctrine of Scripture. The Bible is important for Christians, because it is the very words of God; it is spiritual food and drink for our lives. Christians really can be called, “People of the Book,” because the Bible […]

Book Of The Month: Stop Loving The World

This book will serve as a great introduction to the writings of the Puritans. As 21st century Christians, we have much to glean from these 17th century brothers and sisters in Christ. Their emphasis on the Word of God and the Christian life is a great aid to us today. From the back of the book: […]

Book Of The Month: Side By Side

“This book identifies the skills we need to help one another.” We are all needy people, and the Lord uses people who see their neediness, to help others who are needy. While we would all agree with this truth, sometimes how that is worked out can be a bit difficult or daunting, so this book serves […]

Book Of The Month: Shepherding A Child’s Heart

Shepherding a Child’s Heart is a wonderful resource for parents with children of any age. This book is premised upon the idea that our responsibility as parents, to bring our children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, is to shepherd their hearts, which is to help them understand themselves, and the world […]

Book Of The Month: Respectable Sins

After studying through Romans 1, where Paul details the grotesque sins of a culture given over to the wrath of God, Christians could be tempted to think that some sins are of greater or lessor seriousness in the eyes of God. In Respectable Sins, Jerry Bridges helps us see that all sin is serious in the […]

Book Of The Month: Rescuing The Gospel

Our book of the month for October is Erwin Lutzer’s book, Rescuing the Gospel. This book is a very accessible, easy to read introduction to the key figures in the Reformation and the doctrines that defined the Reformers.The majority of the book discusses the life and ministry of Martin Luther, and then spends a chapter each on other key […]

Book Of The Month: Praying With Paul

Our book of the month for January is D.A. Carson’s book, Praying with Paul.“Praying with Paul calls believers to reject superficiality and revolutionize their lives by embracing a God-guided approach to prayer. By following Paul’s life-shaping principles, we can hear God speak to us today.”